Nanni AI


Ubenwa’s AI had the technology that offers early, non-invasive detection of infant neurological issues, aiding in prompt intervention, reducing mortality, and supporting global health initiatives.

The challenge was how to create and app the parents will love to use.


Through research and the input from the team from Ubenwa the design of Nanni AI app was super exciting!

Here are some challenges we faced and strategies to overcome them.

Understanding User Needs

Since your app deals with AI-based babies' health, understanding the diverse needs of users can be challenging. The team conducted user research surveys from parents and pediatricians, interviews, and usability testing to gather insights into what users expect from such an app.

Design System

To ensure success, create a scalable and user-friendly design system. Use modular components, flexible layouts, consistent visuals, customizable settings, clear navigation, and friendly onboarding. Simple, adaptable, and centered around user needs for a smooth experience for the business, the developers and parents.

Managing Complex Information

Babies' health information can be complex and overwhelming. As a designer I helped the team to present information in digestible chunks, using clear language and visual aids. Incorporate interactive features like avatars, charts or progress trackers to engage users in their babies' health journey.

Consistent Visual Language

A design with clear typography, flexible color palette, and iconography. This helps maintain coherence across different sections of the app and makes it easier for users to navigate and understand the interface. Ensure that visual elements are intuitive and accessible for both parents and pediatricians.

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