Haven Platform


Haven evolved from a coded prototype, securing funding to propel it to the next stage of development and growth.


In my role as a full stack product designer, I led the transformation of Haven from a prototype with disjointed ideas into a robust platform, serving both end homeowners and professionals. Emphasizing speed and leveraging the strengths of our development team were key priorities throughout the process.

User-Centric Design

We prioritized intuitive interfaces and seamless experiences for both homeowners and professionals, ensuring ease of use and satisfaction.


Design with scalability in mind to accommodate new features, iterations, future growth and increased user demand, ensuring the platform can effectively handle expanding user bases and feature sets.

Agile Development

We embraced an agile approach to swiftly adapt to evolving user needs and owner demands, facilitating rapid QA, quick iterations and continuous improvements.

Optimise for React

Leverage the strong React knowledge of the development team to build scalable, high-performance interfaces that enhance usability and maintainability.

Collaborative Process

We foster close collaboration between designer, developers, and stakeholders to align on project goals, iterate efficiently, and leverage each team member's expertise.

Feedback Loop

Establish mechanisms for gathering feedback from users and stakeholders, enabling data-driven design decisions and continuous refinement of the platform.

To consider

Haven is 'concept' project inspire on another project on the stores. The UX is improved, as a designer the UI could be bolder, better, and simpler with more time to revisit the whole project.

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